A day trip all of its own

A short Metro ride to the east of Paris takes you to the small town of Vincennes – now an outer suburb of Paris.

You can:

  • Visit the incredible Château de Vincennes – the donjon, chapel, castle, museum and superb grounds. Hint: the view from the top of the donjon is just superb! (and no, it doesn’t mean ‘dungeon’; it’s the main keep, or fortified tower)
  • Shop and eat in town
  • Explore the nearby Bois de Vincennes (there’s walking, cycling, boating, a Zoo and Botanical Gardens…. too many things to list.

Look out for the MiniTripster Guide to Vincennes.

Directions: Take Metro Line 1 to the Château de Vincennes station.

In the area: Check out the Promenade Plantée  – an unmissable elevated walk, from Vincennes to Bastille (or vice versa). A trip for another day!


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